Fashion and Italy – these are two inseparable concepts. In the ancient times, Roman matrons used to compete in the selection of hairstyles and beautiful costumes, they started to use makeup and what not! So, all fashion roads lead to Rome, as well. Although Milan was named to be the fashion capital of Italy, for Rome, as well as for Milan, the theme of fashion and lifestyle is not less important. Moreover, Rome is a city full of beauty of historical places, so we will be certainly pasting them while going for shopping. Thus, our fashion tour would also include the history of the Eternal City, which is the cradle of the civilization; throughout its history it was always accompanied by fashion, cutting-edge trends, traditions, and style. We are going to “absorb” that entire centuries-old heritage. The tour is be dedicated to style in all of its forms: fashion, makeup, hairstyle, gait, manner and is highly recommended for both women and men.

Why do we need this kind of a tour?

Shopping is a very fascinating and interesting activity, but most importantly, it should be “smart”, as well. After all, all of us know the situation when the wardrobe is full of things, but we do suffer saying “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”  A neat pile of shirts, sweaters and jackets that do not fit or are wrong in style and color, or various trousers and skirts which were bought in a hurry on last-year sale… Also a few dresses that too little in size or the shoes which are impossible to wear due to their high heels too volatile and uncomfortable… Of course, there is a number of your favorite things also, but the problem remains: how the stuff should be combined in the perfect way? What else do you need to buy to diversify your wardrobe? To understand all these nuances on your own is not an easy matter.

NEW!  The tour is recommended not only to the ladies of standard measurements but also for those of XXX+ size
We do consider that the ladies with some extra weight have also the right of looking elegant or even flirty! Moreover, the models that are not thin in size, step by step come into fashion. After an introductory lecture about fashion tendencies and how to get dressed in order to brighten up your figures and outlook, we will visit the boutiques of such brands as Marina Rinaldi, Elena Miro, La Panchetta, Macri, Sweet Lady, etc. specializing in sizes from 44 up to 68!

Special Offer: Revision of your wardrobe by a professional stylist!

If you have some time before your trip to Italy, you can use our distant service of “Wardrobe Audit with the Stylist” (on-line via webcam or by mailing us the photos of your wardrobe, including the photos where you are wearing those clothes). This “revision of the wardrobe” with the help of a stylist will definitely save the budget and your time that you are going to spend which looking for a “fashionable dream”. You will avoid unnecessary purchases and will get the following ideas:

  • which things are better to be excluded from the wardrobe, and which to be left, which items are missing;
  • you will make ready sets of clothing out of the remaining things;
  • which colors and styles would be mostly beneficial for you and will emphasize the advantages of your figure;
  • what details and accessories can help to accentuate your sets of clothes;
  • You will get the list of planned purchases for the new season.


Day 1 – “Getting Acquainted”

  • Arrival to Rome, receiving in the airport
  • Transfer to the hotel, check-in
  • Relax
  • Guided walking tour of Rome (3 hours). Classic version for beginners – basic sightseeing tour around Rome, to be able to get “oriented” in the city centre. During this tour you will see the most famous places of Rome (as their proximity makes it easy to visit at a walking distance); they are as follows: the ancient Colosseum, the monumental Roman Forums, the Capitol hill, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona and Baroque Spain, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon.
  • The walking tour will end in an antique restaurant in Rome, where a fancy dinner with a fashion show will be organized specially for us, that will immerse you in the atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury. And, at the same time you will get acquainted with the group members and with the Roman cuisine, as well

Day 2 – Ancient Rome’s Fashion

  • We will go to the center of ancient culture, where we are going to learn more about the fashion, cosmetics and style of ancient Roman times. You will have a chance to try on the Gladiators’ helmets, ancient tunics and sandals, and also make photos in those costumes. While the men (if there are any in the group) are engaged in the class of a gladiatorial combat, the ladies will try to put on antique makeup.
  • Lunch in an ancient restaurant.
  • The Magic of Dressing Up“: you will have a chance to get dressed in historical costumes of any era up to your choice. The costumes will be granted by the famous Cinema Studios, which has been supplying stage costumes and attire for theatres, television and movie shooting in Italy for over 100 years. You will have an opportunity to “try on” a few epochs. Then we will have a trip around Rome in historical costumes with a photo session in historical places.
  • Dinner (optional)

Day 3 – A Class of Image Making

  • Master class with the Stylist. Today we will visit a show room of Luisa Spagnoli fashion house, where you will learn a brief history of this brand, the main features of its classic collections, the fashion trends of the current season and the secrets of combining colors, clothes and accessories.
  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • Master class from the model.  After a short lecture, the stylist will help you to make a choice of one or several new images from existing collections. Then a professional model will teach you how to walk casually down the runway, and how to behave in front of the flashing cameras, as well as in other less formal situations. During the master class you will have to change several times, as if finding yourself in different situations, so that to learn some of the model’s secrets: how to wear skirts, pants, sweaters, accessories, etc. and how to behave on the podium.
  • Dinner with a master class of table etiquette and exquisite manners. A professional teacher of etiquette will tell you and show how to behave in various “secular” situations, including high society: at a cocktail party, official dinner, a secular party. The types of dress code will vary (formal, cocktail, sporty, or romantic).     

Day 4 – “Accessories’ Day

  • While the clothes can possibly be of rather low price, the accessories should be definitely more expensive. As a rule, more attention in paid to the bags, gloves, scarves, watches, and jewelry, rather than to the clothes. We are going to visit various boutiques and outlets specializing in elegant and exclusive bags, as well as gloves, scarves and other accessories.
  • A tutorial of stylish cuisine (including dinner). Stylish living includes the ability of cooking and eating in a stylish manner. Today we will learn to cook some exquisite gastronomic delights – seafood & fish dishes, made of simple ingredients, but with a lot of imagination and aesthetics; you can quickly and stylishly prepare those dishes by yourself for your guests in future.


  • Today you may complement your wardrobe in one of the outlet malls located outside of Rome. You will do the “smart shopping”, on the basis of lessons learned, rethinking and making style choices, buying missing items of clothing.
  • A visit to VALMONTONE Outlet (alternative variant for children: Magicland Park)

Option: CASTEL ROMANO (alternative variant for children: Cinecittà world)

  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • A little relax: dinner with the sommelier. After having learnt how to hold the glasses properly, now we will learn how to understand the contents better. You will get the information about the most famous Italian wines regions, about their features and difference between them, and then you will enjoy a tasting (including the blind one!), where you will be able to recognize various wines being blindfolded


  • Master class on makeup at the hotel. Being held in the conference hall of the hotel with a professional who used to work with the celebrities: Italian cinema and theatre stars. Initially, you will be shown classic makeup and some special methods and techniques for its imposition, as well as a few variations for the evening, or for the morning, business style and other situations. Please remember that a professional makeup can do wonders: as a kind of entertainment you can get an appearance of any film star up to your choice or even some character type (f.e., like those from “Avatar”)!
  • Lunch
  • When the makeup is over, the photo session will start with a fashion photographer that is also working in the world of theatre and cinema. You will have an individual session (in the form of studio shooting for a professional portfolio) and, afterwards, you will surely take home a plenty of high quality pictures, worthy of Hollywood.
  • Gala dinner with a slide-show about our tour: “BEFORE & AFTER”


  • (OPTIONAL) – For this day we have prepared a real surprise for fashion ladies: a SECRET FASHION STORE! An ordinary shopper cannot get in here, since even its entrance is hidden being unnoticeable from the outside! But at this place you can easily meet a lot of famous actors, singers, models, TV professionals and not only! Why so?  Some time before television and theatre companies used to rent clothes from this place, but then the creative people and those from the entertainment industry started to buy clothes for themselves, as well, and finally this store became a real Mecca of fashion and tailoring.  In this maze of large and small halls more than 300 brands can be found but every item is made in not more than 3-4 pieces, so the people are able to get here what each one is dreaming of – PERSONALITY!
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Departure

Tour Cost: Euro 2,300

Included into the price:

  • Residence in the hotel
  • Meals: half-board (breakfast & dinner)
  • Transfer on the arrival date + during the tour
  • Excursions as per the program
  • Master-classes
  • Guide assistance during the whole trip
  • Bus for the whole group

 Not included into the price:

  • Lunches
  • Additional excursions (indicated as “optional” in the above program)
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa service (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transfer to the airport on the last day
  • Additional nights to be spent in Rome
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