Tour to Gianni Morandi Emilia Romagna: Gastronomy, Cars and Baths

Tour to Gianni Morandi Emilia Romagna: Gastronomy, Cars and Baths

Gianni Morandi (his full name is Gian Luigi Morandi) is another star of the 80-ies. His songs are an integral attribute of our childhood, as they were famous when we were growing up. The peak of his popularity in Italy was in the 60-ies. Then his fame somewhat decreased, however he remains being one of the most popular representatives of show business in Italy and a true legend of Italian scene comparable to Cutugno and Celentano.  He has been a participant of San Remo contest, recorded 34 albums and over 400 songs, starred in dozens of movies and more than 30 million albums have been sold.  Being simple and extremely humane by nature, he has a keen interest in sports: actively playing in the “Star Football Team” and still running a full marathon distance.  Gianni is also involved in social projects, publishes newspapers and participates in TV programs and what not!  He has perceived our initiative with great enthusiasm and will be happy to join us in the gala dinner.


DAY 1 

  • Arrival to Milano (Malpensa airport)
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Check-in in the hotel
  • Dinner and getting acquainted with the group


  • Sightseeing tour to Bologna (1 hour). The city is known since everyone’s childhood by the names of “Bologna raincoat” and “Bologna’s lapdog” (little breed of dogs).  Nowadays it is the capital of the region that is famous for its University, its Communist party activities and also by its tasteful sausage…  Besides, Bologna has a lot of nicknames, for example “bold” – as no other place in Italy could be compared with it by the abundance and variety of delicious food.  Bologna is also a city of scientists included in the list of the most luxurious cities of Italy. The city of towers and galleries that have a total length of 40 kms…
  • Lunch
  • Stop in the mountains – for a photo session with a unique “lunar landscape”
  • Agriturismo Thermae (30 min). This is one of the most unusual of the thermae (baths) of Italy. They are located on multi-level terraces with stunning views of the surrounding hills. On each terrace there are pools with different design, having special type of water. We will spend the rest of the day at this place, in order to relax after the road and get the cheerfulness for the next day.

DAY 3 

  • The city of Ferrara is a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for its University, which is associated with the city’s cultural flourishing and the family of D’Este, one of the most famous among European aristocracy. But the city is also known by the names of Paracelsus, Leon Battista Alberti, Pisanello, Titian, Copernicus and Savonarola. The best musicians and composers of that time were working for the Dukes of Ferrara, the immortal words of Ariosto and Tasso are devoted to them and their great women. Our program includes: the castle of the Dukes D’Este, the Cathedral, the Diamond Palace which is the famous residence of the family of D’Este. This is one of the best Renaissance buildings with two facades, embellished with diamond rustication. The most ancient part of the city is characterized by suspended arches and the Palazzo Schifanoia built in the XVth century with frescoes illustrating court’s life in ancient times and also Zodiac signs.
  • Lunch at a special restaurant, specializing in fish dishes (in particular, eel)
  • Boat trip by the delta of Po river. Visiting Po, the largest river of Italy, which is emerging from the Alps and 600 miles away safely flows into the Adriatic sea. There is a unique ecosystem in its delta, with a National Park and Ramster area (an analogue of UNESCO as per the water areas). A little motor boat will take us to the numerous channels with picturesque bays, and we will be able to make stops on small islands. You will see really unusual views of Italy, as if transported back in time, at least to the 19th century, and become a witness to the life of fishermen, see abandoned houses on the shore, old villas, lighthouses…
  • Return to the hotel (2 hours)
  • Dinner


  • Ravenna was the last capital of the Western Roman Empire. It is the official residence of the Byzantine emperors with the illustrious Christian past and the first Christian churches, the temples, the baptistery and tombs; there are plenty of beautiful mosaics here. The program of the visit: the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Baptistery, archiepiscopal Museum with the throne made of ivory, the Gothic Basilica of San Apollinare Nuovo and its Baptistery, the Byzantine Church of San Vitale and San Apollinare, the tomb of Dante Alighieri.
  • Moving to the city of Forlì
  • Free time and lunch
  • Terme di Castrocaro (OPTIONAL), which have almost 170 years of history and were open by King Umberto of Savoie. Today, it is the combination of healing properties of water, advanced medicine and umbertina elegant design located in a large park.
  • Return to the hotel
  • Dinner


  • Prato is the second largest (after Florence) city in Tuscany, situated at the foot of mount Retina. Starting from the middle ages is one of the main centres of Italian textile industry. The commercial and business city of Tuscany, however, preserves its medieval fortress wall in the shape of an irregular hexagon. The wealth of the city is in its churches and palaces, as well as the Imperial fortress that is unique to Northern and Central Italy by its form. As in any town of Tuscany, the center of historical and cultural memories in Prato is the Cathedral – Saint Stephen Duomo, embellished with motif lining popular in Tuscany— alternating stripes of white and dark marble which is expressed so clearly here. Among the monuments of civil architecture ranks first the Imperial castle of Frederick II that was restored by Mussolini.
  • Shopping in Barberini. Spending some time for shopping won’t hurt (considering that at the baths you could have probably lost some weight). However, soon you will be able to win it again at dinner, which you are supposed to cook by your self this time.
  • Return to the hotel
  • Dinner


  • The world of Ferrari and Lamborghini. There is another attraction in Modena, which makes this land special: the land of motors and world famous sportcars. It is an unforgettable experience for everybody who loves speed, luxury, exclusivity, elegance and adrenaline. Of course,  Ferrari is the first in the list, and you have the opportunity to take a test-drive of this sportcar. First of all, you will learn the information about Ferrari’s history and its main distinctive features during a small trip on the track of Fiorano (without a chance of exit), then you visit the museum (that is not an old and dusty room but am innovative multimedia space – a kind of Museum of the future). Except historic vehicles you will see the displays, projection films and simulators to be able to feel yourself a real Formula-1 driver, plus some special theme exhibitions are normally aranged. This tour can be  continued by a training drive on Ferrari on the track.


  • An exclusive tour to the “land of engines” – The center of production of these famous vehicles provides you a chance to get acquainted with this brand. The Lamborghini Museum is a huge modern space located on several levels, with many models that vary periodically on a rotation basis. But the most interesting thing is always the origins and the secrets that lie within any successful project. You can visit the factory itself, where the car of your dream is being assembled and get a complement in the form of a drive-test.
  • Return to the hotel
  • Cooking class: Italian pasta. When we say “pasta” we mean Italy. No wonder Italians are named wop. But the Emilia Romagna is a region of pasta, there are thousands types of pasta. Today we learn to cook homemade tagliatelle, one of the most typical types of pasta of the region. It is your interest to cook it well, because that will be your dinner tonight.
  • Gala dinner with Gianni Morandi (home-made pasta cooked by yourself)


  • Departure to Milano Airport.
  • Gastronomy of Emilia-Romagna (1.5 hours): a tour to the province of Modena to the cheese factory where Parmigiano Reggiano is being produced. Visiting the cheese factory, learning more about the process of cheese making and, of course, have some taste tests at different stages of its exposure (12, 24 and 36 months) with local wine. Then we move to the place of Modena balsamic vinegar production, which is very delicious and famous through all Italy. Production is located in a beautiful estate with an ancient villa dated the 19th century. Getting familiar with the process of production of vinegar at all stages, followed by tasting.
  • Stop in the Valley of Taste – visiting a farm, tasting ham and learning how it is being done. The walk to Torrechiara castle
  • Transfer to the airport or to the hotel in Milano
  • Milano City Tour (OPTIONAL)

Total cost of the tour: Euro 2,500

Included into the price:

  • Residence in the hotel
  • Meals: half-board (breakfast & dinner)
  • Transfer on the arrival date + during the tour
  • Excursions included into the program
  • Master-classes
  • Guide assistance during the whole trip
  • Bus for the whole group

 Not included into the price:

  • Lunches
  • Additional excursions (indicated as “optional” in the above program)
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa service (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transfer to the airport on the last day
  • Additional nights to be spent in Rome
  • Entry tickets to baths (Euro from 20 to 50)


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