What kind of events we organize:

  • Adult and children’s birthdays
  • Jubilees
  • Anniversaries
  • Other private events
  • Creative projects for individual order – more page.
  • Creative projects
  • Corporates
  • Conferences and Symposium
  • Workshops
  • The Insentive
  • Teambuildings
  • Reports and presentations

Do you want a double holiday?

Nothing complicated, it is enough to come on one of these dates and combine the useful with the pleasant

CATHOLIC CHRISTMAS  25 DECEMBER – considered a particularly important holiday, the whole country is decorated, in the air hangs magic and expectation of a miracle. If you are in the country during this magical period, you can join the Italian traditions: for children to play a Christmas fairy tale, for adults – something in religious traditions, for example, the motives of the traditional Catholic nativity scene

NEW YEAR  – If you enter the country on New Year’s Eve, we can offer festive dinners with shows, performances and live music in numerous restaurants from  trattoria restaurants to stellar, or think through an individual performance.

YOU can combine local pagan traditions and attend Christmas Mass in the Orthodox Church or Vatican City. As well as visit the traditional “Feast with the stars”, Christmas meetings with Italian pop stars and movies . 

SANT VALENTINE’S DAY  14 FEBRUARY – We can diversify the traditional holiday, which is accompanied by the exchange of “valentines”, gifts and dinner. For real romantics who want to give your sweetheart  something extraordinary, our agency can help in developing for you a scenario of festive congratulations and implementation of your idea.

International Women’s Day March 8 – IT’S not enough to just give your beloved woman flowers and gifts. To make this holiday memorable for a long time to her, we can offer you to bring her to Italy, by definition a country of romance and arrange a day of unforgettable surprises, events, gifts. Or maybe a marriage proposal?

Easter HOLIDAYS  – Every year the Easter period falls on different dates. In some years in the same period in Italy celebrate three Easters at once: Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish. You can witness and participate in this unusual focus of tradition by attending services in churches, cathedrals and synagogue. We can organize private services of any denomination for you.

INTERNATIONAL LABOR DAY – This international holiday is celebrated with concerts in the squares, openings of museums, private palaces and residences. This is the optimal weather season in Europe for excursions, trips, first sea forays and mountain walks. Why not traditional May kebabs? Only in Apennines or for example in the Pyrenees.

LOCAL HOLIDAYS – Even in the smallest village in Europe, there are always some holidays, traditions, national events, demonstrations, tastings, city processions. If you want to connect your trip with a local event, we will send you a selection of activities for the period in all cities.

What exactly do we offer for the organization of events step by step?

  • Preparation of concept
  • Site inspections
  • Programming
  • Writing scripts
  • Organization and coordination
  • Visas and air
  • Hotels
  • Advertising (print, advertising)
  • Catering
  • Floristics and decor
  • Tech security (Light, Sound, Video)
  • Entertainment at the show (artists, shows, effects, presenters, animators)
  • Special Effects
  • Production, photos and videos
  • Transport
  • Entertainment for guests (excursions, games, quests, surprises, quests, teambuildings, etc.)
  • Security
  • Translator
  • Concierge services (shopping, nanny, manicure and pedicure, tickets, etc.)

As a full event- cycle company, we can also provide any tourist focus of your event abroad, so that you do not need to address several companies at once. 

Do you want to know more?

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