All the colors of the Tuscany’s coast: the Cowboys, SPA, golf, cuisine, truffle hunting & Caribbean–like beaches

The Program «Travelling with the stars» arrives to the Tyrrhenian Sea coast of Toscana (Tuscany province), to the town of Campiglia Marittima. The house of famous singer Riccardo Fogli is ready to welcome its guests.

But we realize that there will be not only the music fans in our group, but also lovers of adventures and of everything new and unknown. We will be able to see here a real authentic Italy: the picturesque Gulf of Baratti, the wine roads of the Etruscan baths Calidarium, we will be able to ride horses in the Maremma National Park, to relax on the white-sand beaches that look like Caribbean, marble mines, truffles and what not!  Yes, come to spend a few days in the house of a celebrity, chatting with him over a glass of Tuscan wine, making photos and taking his autograph of course — it’s NOT just a «Common Story» (according to the most famous song of Riccardo Foglie — the one which won the festival of San-Remo in 1982).

CASA FOGLI is situated close to an ancient Augustinian monastery of 15th century — Madonna di Fucinaia. The word “pension” (or “boarding house”) absolutely captures its essence, since this is the home of Riccardo himself, where he lives with his own family (his wife and children), and would like to spend some time (when he is free from concerts & touring) with his guests.

The Board, in its old simplicity, has an elegant historic charm – that is why the activities of various kinds and ceremonies are being held here, from time to time. The park of 5 hectares is at our disposal, a swimming pool, hammocks, sun loungers with rocking chairs and plenty of places for relax during the day and romantic get-togethers in the evenings, under the stars or by candlelight…

Each one of 5 mini-apartments is authentic, the design was developed by Riccardo. In the morning you will enjoy a hearty breakfast on the verandah (called «The God’s Place») in such a homely friendly atmosphere that it is normally eaten simply divine.


·  Arrival in Rome, meeting with the assistant. Departure from Rome towards Tuscany

·  Stop at the fortress of Santa Severa at the antique town of Pirgy, where the famous gold tables were found once which helped to decipher the famous Etruscan writing. Walking for sightseeing — around the fortress and along the beach.

·  Lunch (OPTIONAL) – break for lunch may be arranged at the beach of Santa Severa OR in one of the ports of the Peninsula (Porto Ercole or Porto St.Stephen) – as per your wish

· Stop on the Peninsula of Argentario (Silver), on the border of Lazio and Tuscany, connected by a thin neck with the continent. There are a few lakes for breeding fish and eels. Visiting this peninsula would be impossible without traveling around the places of the unfortunate and persecuted Michelangelo Merisi (a world-famous artist known as Caravaggio). It was here he found his last resting place…

· Arrival to the Maremma National Park (1 hour), accommodation in the guest house of Alberese, a small town which is considered to be Maremma Park gate. Typical pensions of Maremma are little houses hidden in the park’s greenery, with a beautiful view of the hills and olive fields; only the natural products of local origin being used there.

·  Dinner

 DAY 2

· The National Park of Maremma takes us into the real middle ages with its observation towers, the fields with herds of white cows with big lyre-shaped horns. The best way to discover Maremma is to come here in the morning, to see Italian cowboys (butteri) riding out for the fields’ inspection, herds of cows and calves recalculation. But this would not be just a tourist trip, but a real working visit, for a minimum of 5 hours. Otherwise, you can relax on a white sandy beach, which looks very untypical for the Mediterranean coast. The long beach comes all along the park, being covered with white washed trunks of pine trees, for which it is called the Ivory Coast by the local population. You can take a nice walk along the dunes up to the old towers and caves (2-3 hours).

· Lunch at a local Tuscan restaurant (OPTIONAL)

·Transfer to Campiglia Marittima, into Riccardo Fogli’s Board. Accommodation

· Etruscan baths Calidarium (OPTIONAL). At the end of this busy day it would be so pleasant to visit natural springs, famous since ancient times and popular with Etruscan nobility. Their action is not just by its mineral water but also by the steam — onto the skin, nose, throat, lungs, treat arthritis, bones and joints. In addition to the natural pools, this place can also offer a special route under antique stone arches, where you could enjoy sauna and the whirlpool, Turkish and perfumed bath, and in between various relaxing and restorative herb drinks will be tasted and appreciated by all the guests.

·Dinner at the restaurant, getting acquainted with the group members

 DAY 3

· Pietrasanta, the city of marble. This is the point where the Alps meet the Apennines, the birthplace of the stone from which Michelangelo sculpted his statue. Not by chance the name of the city means «Sacred Stone». Sculptors from around the world come here for learning; that is why the city is also called «Little Athens». You may take a master-class of marble craftsmanship in a sculpture workshop and witness the birth of stone sculptures, bronze or marble mosaic. In one of the workshops you will learn about all stages of creating sculptures, starting from clay casts to the final casting.

·OPTIONAL: Lunch or tasting of local specialties in the mountains, in the city of Colonate.  Taste a piece of local bacon which is being soaked with spices for 8 months in the marble baths.

· We will visit the Carrara marble quarry (mine) for getting acquainted with the methods of extraction and modern use of what was called “white gold”. Learn the history, traditions, labor and the danger of unusual and exciting reality.

· On our way to the hotel we will visit the unique white-sand beach near VAD. Its sand is so white and fine that in combination with the water color (bright aquamarine) it is called the Italian Caribbean not accidentally. Therefore, the local administration decided to leave this coast non-equipped, remaining pristine in its natural beauty.



· Today we will drive through the wine routes of the Etruscans, via the famous «Road of wine». There are a lot of wine producers in this area, and we will have an opportunity to visit some old cellars with wine tasting. You will get acquainted with the secrets of the local wine makers and learn that the wheather and land conditions of these places are surprisingly similar to those of French Bordeaux. This land is known since old times for growing famous varieties of the white grapes such as Trebyano, Vermentino, Malvasia, Sangiovese and Montescudaio. After visiting one of the regional farms and wine tasting in the right combination with the delicacies produced strictly in this region, we will visit the medieval town of Castagneto Carducci, which was named after the famous Italian poet Carducci and Bolgher. Its history is connected with the castle of Gherardesca counts which became infamous by the Dante’s Divine Comedy. The town situated next to the famous cypress alley of 5 km long which is considered to be the symbol of this area.

· Baths of Sassetta (OPTIONAL). These are also Etruscan Thermae with antique arched vaults and mineral water that is good for treatment of arthritis, as well as beneficial to the skin and the nasopharynx. As an alternative — a walk in the town of Castagneto Carducci, or relax at the sea coast nearby.

· Dinner


· Livorno is a famous sea port that brings a romantic breeze reminding you about the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” by A. Dumas. Not by chance, there is also a famous Tuscan archipelago located just opposite the town with one of the islands is considered to be that very “Treasure Island”. However, despite the numerous destructions of the 2nd World War, still a number of streets, palaces and villas dated of the 15-16th centuries can be found in the town, but even the ancient Roman aqueducts and ramparts. After walking through the historical center a water-trip will be offered, since Livorno like Venice cannot be well-explored and understood without looking at it from the water.  Besides, a visit to the Marine Aquarium that is surely one of the best in Italy is highly recommended.

·Lunch in a fish restaurant in the city or on the coast (OPTIONAL)

·Populonia is the only Etruscan settlement, located on the seafront in the picturesque Gulf of Baratti. Nowadays it is said to be an open-air museum. There are still traces of several epochs and we will see how high the level of Etruscans culture used to be. That would be evident even through the ruins of ancient settlements, necropolis and the structure of the city. And all that is surrounded by the enchanting Bay of Baratti, framed by Mediterranean pines, with wonderful views of Elba Island and the unique fishing port, with its clean and clear water coming from the two seas — Tyrrhenian and Ligurian. The swimming is possible (if the weather permits).


· On the last day of the journey you can simply relax by the swimming-pool, or wander through the town of Campiglia.

·Otherwise, choose one of the following activities (OPTIONAL):

·Truffle “hunt”, followed by lunch with truffles.  You will go to the nearby forest, being accompanied by a trained hunting dog that would be sniffing for truffles. You will learn a lot of information about truffles, their features and particularities and how to search for them. Master-class on pasta cooking in a specialized family school will teach you cook meals so delicious thanks to this wonderful product that will further emphasize its quality.

·Pisa – you may visit the city of the famous Leaning Tower.  Mingling with the crowds of tourists from all over the world, you will see its main points of attraction, visit some fashion boutiques and souvenir shops. (As per request, an individual guide for a city-tour can be provided)

·Thermae of Pisa — you can choose a day of relax in the antique therma (natural bath), which is located in an old mansion, one of the most elegant complexes in the region. Its warm mineral water of 37◦C would be ideal for any age and skin types.

· Lunch (OPTIONAL, the place to be chosen by guests)

· Return to the hotel and relax

· Master-class of Italian cuisine in the Board and Gala-dinner with surprises

· Breakfast and departure towards Rome

·The port of Punta Ala and a golf lesson. This is not a big port exclusive resort and a port for private yachts, also known for its Golf courses, where professional teacher will teach you a lesson, to improve your skills.

·Lunch in the town of Castiglione Pescaia, a pretty little town on the seacoast with the castle named Castiglione. This place was named as one of the exclusive destinations of the Maremma, for the purity of its water, the beauty of environment and landscape.

· Final relax on the beach and back to the traveling mood…

·Transfer to the airport or your hotel in Rome for your further vacation.


Accommodation: there are 5 comfortable apartments available for our guests, each of them is independent from one another. Being immersed into the greenery of a large Mediterranean Park (5 ha), each apartment is has an individual terrace. They are different in size and structure, but all of them are designed with simple elegance and of course with an exquisite taste of the owner, whose personal touch is felt in each item belonging to him.

  • SOLE – An apartment with 2 separate entrances, 2 bedrooms (with an independent bathroom for each one) and with a common kitchen. They may be considered to be separate apartments: a) a double-room with 2 beds; b) smaller but cozy with bunk bed (total capacity: from 4 to 6 persons).
  • ALBA AND TRAMONTO – 1 double room (with possibility of extra bed) + room with sofa-bed which ideal for couples, close friends or family members (4 persons)
  • HOUSE ON the MOUNTAIN – 1 double room with possibility of extra bed + room with two double beds, ideal for couples, close friends or family members
  • ARCO – 1 double room in the own house of Riccardo, with the original design + connecting room with a sofa bed, ideal for couples, close friends or family members
  • MARY – former home of Riccardo’s parents in the building of his current home. Mini-apartment for one family, consisting of a double room and another room with a sofa bed, a total for 4 people from one family or close friends.

Total cost of the tour: Euro 2,450

The price indicated per 1 person in 2-bed room

The cost of accommodation in a single room – supplement per person € 360

The price for 3rd person in same room – € 2,050

The cost of the 4th person in the room — € 1,850

The cost of a child up to 12 years (if accommodated as 3rd or 4th person in the same room) – € 1,650


Included into the price:

  • Residence in the hotel
  • Meals: half-board (breakfast & dinner)
  • Transfer on the arrival date + during the tour
  • Excursions included into the program
  • Master-classes
  • Guide assistance during the whole trip
  • Transportation (bus for the whole group)


Not included into the price:

  • Lunches
  • Additional excursions (indicated as “optional” in the above program)
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa service (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transfer to the airport on the last day
  • Additional nights to be spent in Rome
  • Horse riding — approx. 60 €
  • Tickets for thermae (SPA, antique baths) – approx. 20-50 €
  • Truffle “hunt” & lunch with truffles – 100 €
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