7 Islands in 7 days: «Welcome to Hopeless Romantics!»

A spectacular cruise around the Aeolian or Lipari Islands is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the sea world, to see volcanoes, fishing villages and shipwrecks. These is a chain of small islands situated close to Sicily. But they are so unique and distinctive that it seems that these islands belong to different archipelagos. There is everything from luxury villas and boutiques of the island of Panarea to the abandonment of the remote Filicudi and Alicudi.

The tour is designed for the people who love adventures and a new experience, for the real romantics who want to discover the authentic and natural beauty of the Mediterranean, though sometimes sacrificing comfort for that… However, you will enjoy a view of the sunsets and sunrises from the yacht, you will be able to try being a skipper, observe the seabed using the unique equipment and count millions of stars that appear in the Sicilian sky at night. Moreover, you will walk around the old cities, go shopping, dive into the sea and practice in taking photos.

We will travel on a sailing yacht (5 double cabins) equipped with the unique equipment (ROV) that permits to observe the marine life. Taking into account the possibility of tracking please note that sportive shoes (or sneakers) will be needed.

A famous travel journalist will participate in the cruise

You won’t be limited by the passive contemplation of nature, but you will learn how to fix and express your emotions. A famous journalist will hold several master classes on journalism for all those who dream of learning to write in a creative manner.

Information on Travel Journalism Course (The topics can vary according to the students’ needs & interests)

Lesson 1

— How to set goals.

— The texts of different needs: from the first person, neutral (for a magazine), informational

— Texts for the traditional media, for the Internet, for yourself. Texts for travel guides.

— Blogger as a new type of writer.

— Differences and similarities of the texts (the pros and cons)

— What are such notions as «block», «detail» and «sketch» and how to connect them into a whole unit.

— Self editing.

Lesson 2

— Why it is important to write in a “standard” manner about the unusual tours.

— About the “standard” manner: how to find a new approach.

— How to find «keys» in the description of something well-known.

— Why you should not use Wikipedia when composing a text…

— How to look for unusual words and images.

— Are «long tedious descriptions of nature» really necessary?

— The imagery and emotions.

— Where are the accurate expressions needed? Where is it better to use a couple of sentences (same as in the XIX-XX century literature)?

— When a personal component or «article style” is reqired?

Lesson 3

— Film, video, photography and texts creating – what is common and what is the difference.

— Is it possible to have a good «mix»?

— Why you should not get hung up on copyright?

— How important geo-location and «small local» details  are?

— What should be chosen: a report, an interview, an article or a travel story?

— Differences and similarities.

— What instruments to use to fix the information? Their advantages and inconveniences.

Lesson 4

— Prior correction of mistakes.

— How to achieve the harmony of a text: human images, the history of a place, a man’s history, details, humor, irony.

— Why the rhythm of the narration is important?

— Why it is important to speak the text aloud?

Lesson 5

— Debriefing.

— Analysis and search for characteristic errors of each other.

— Summing up. More information about the key issues.


 DAY 1
We will meet you at the airports of Messina or Reggio Calabria or at the train station nearby and bring you to the boat in a private Port of Rose.

Registration for the yacht. For the tourists who will arrive early we provide excursions (optional) or they can relax by the sea shore.

As soon as the yacht is full we will put out to sea towards adventures!

Vulcano is the southernmost of the Aeolian or Lipari Islands. It is a volcanic massif with several craters, one of them is active (it is one of the four active volcanoes of Italy). The name of the island derives from the name of the Roman god-farrier Volcano. People believed that the pipes of his giant forge outcrop here.

We will climb to the top of the island (391 m) to observe the numerous beaches and coves of the island. Regardless the weather it is always possible to dip in the healing sulphur baths and swim in the sea where the hot mineral springs rise straight out of the water.

(Optional): transfer, climbing to the top of the volcano with a guide, bathing in mineral springs, swimming on a hot beach.

Lipari is the largest and the most «civilized» of the Islands, it is considered to be the largest of 7 volcanic Islands that are located between the Vesuvius and Etna. The capital of the island is the town having the same name located on the Eastern shore. Local inhabitants live in five settlements: the capital of the island and the 4 villages.

You can take a walk through the town of Lipari and visit the archaeological museum, go shopping and walk along the narrow streets. Then we suggest you making a trip around the island to explore its beautiful landscape from the water. We will swim in the azure waters on beaches with white sand and observe the industrial underwater archaeology: rails career turning into an artificial reef.

(Optional): visit of archaeological museum   


Filicudi. There is a huge number of caves on the island. One of them, Bue Marino, is known as a «home of monsters». The island consists of three extinct volcanoes. It was named Phoenicodes because of the large number of ferns that grow there. There are several villages on the island, the largest are Pecorini Mare and Valdichiesa. Three-quarters of the island (7 km2) belong to the nature reserve.

Filicudi is an ideal place for those wishing to be alone with themselves and nature. Life seems to have stopped here in the beginning of the XX century. Neolithic excavations at Cape Graziano and sunken ships attract both history buffs and diving lovers.

Alicudi. The population of the island (a hundred of people) are engaged in fishing and cultivation of peaches and agave. The unhurried pace of life and the unspoiled nature attract tourists to the island. Only here you can see huge fish-groupers. Due to the characteristics of the surface the island has no roads and even a bike will hardly pass here. We will have to make our way through the lava stones on foot or riding cute donkeys that can carry the luggage and people. You won’t find any discos, pizzerias, snack bars, boutiques, hairdressers or bakeries on the island. There is only one hotel with a restaurant, two shops and kiosk. However, wonderful untouched nature, rocky beaches, clean sea and indescribable beauty of the landscapes are perfect for complete relaxation.

Climbing to the top of the Harpy mountain. As an alternative you can swim along the so-called Back of the Dragon.

Optional: excavations of Cape Graziano, climbing to the top of the Harpy mountain


Salina. The name of the island comes from salt lake which is located near the southern coast of Salina. Salt was always used here for salting fish and capers. The famous wine Malvasia is produced on Salina. The island is especially appreciated by lovers of scuba diving. The main settlements of the island are Santa Marina and Malfa. Santa Marina is situated at the foot of a sleeping volcano Monte Fossa delle Felci and Monte Revi. In the past the islanders were trying to hide there at the sight of the fearsome ships of the Saracens. The top of the Fossa delle Felci is the highest point of the archipelago (968 meters above sea level), and its crater has the depth of 100 meters and a width of 600-700 meters. Malfa occupies about one third of the island, it is a home to approximately a thousand people.

It is possible to walk along the main port of Santa Maria di Salina. The trained tourists prepared can trek to the top of the island. Here lies one of the most beautiful beaches — Pollar, which is located in a collapsed crater of a volcano. We will taste local gastronomic delicacies in the evening. We will spend the night at anchor near the island with the possibility of fishing.

(Optional): trekking to Pollara, local delicacies degustation  

Panarea is the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, it is calm and far from the bustle of the city. It is even prohibited use vehicles here. The colors of narrow streets, low roofs and bright bougain villas contrast with the blinding blue of the sea. Charmed by the beauty of Panarea tourists often buy and restore old buildings that were built only from materials originated from the island. Traditionally buildings had rough unpainted walls: that is how the inhabitants tried to remain unnoticed by the pirates.

Nowadays, Panarea looks like heaven: white houses in tropical plants, elegant boutiques and gourmet restaurants. We offer a trip to the Neolithic settlement and a serious climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view of every Island of the archipelago and even Sicily.

(Optional): trekking routs of medium and a heavy complexity    

Stromboli. The only active volcano of Italy. A difficult climb to the peak (918 m) in the special groups with special equipment is followed by a surreal view from the top on the eruption of all four craters. There is a possibility of an alternative half-way climb to observe the view from a side. At the end of the cruise we suggest you having rest at the sea Strombolicchio island.


—          trekking to the summit with a guide and equipment

—          trekking to the side wall of the crater with a guide and without the equipment  

Return from Stromboli after a busy day (5 hours): swimming with a snorkel and fins, sunbathing, lesson of driving a yacht, stopover on Volcano for bathing in the thermal springs.

Arrival at Port Rose in the evening, having dinner in the port in an elegant setting, finally, summing up, farewell to the group….

Transfer to the airport, train station or hotel.

(Optional): transfer

* The length of stay and tour program on each island can be adjusted according to the weather and sea conditions

Included into the price:

  • Yacht, skipper, sailor
  • English-speaking guide — 24 hour assistance
  • Accommodation
  • Meals: half-board
  • All port charges and fuel as required
  • All equipment needed on the yacht

Not included into the price:

  • Air-flight
  • Visa (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Transfer to the airport/railway station on the day of arrival
  • visiting hydrogen sulfide baths (EUR 5)
  • bathing on a hot beach (EUR 3)
  • archaeological Museum (EUR 4-5)
  • trekking to the top of the guide and the gear (EUR 45)



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