Giullio Mogol. Giulio Rapetti Mogol is one of the biggest songwriters in Italian pop music. His lyrics were sung by Celentano, Battisti, Mina. The poetry of Mogol contributed a lot to the development of the Italian culture: his legacy is represented by more than 1500 songs including the hit «L’emozione non ha voce» which is one of the most famous songs of Adriano Celentano. Giullio Mogol is the only author whose name is always mentioned on the covers among the names of performers. Mogol is usually involved in various projects from charity events (like the national Team of Singers) to searching and granting new musical talents.

The patrimony of Giulio Mogol looks like a medieval castle lost in the forests of Umbria, but its medieval shell is only needed to fit in with the historical landscape of the region. The castle is equipped with Spa, 75 bedroom hotel, gourmet restaurants, conference halls, a football ground and a playground. Umbria is not yet so popular region in touristic aspect, so it offers a chance to experience an authentic, “non-tourist” Italy. During a week-long trip to Umbria we will explore the ancient cities of Narnia (famous for the film The Chronicles of Narnia), Amelia, Teria, and Perugia. You will taste local wines and cheeses, search for truffles, participate in gourmet master classes, visit the castles of Italian aristocracy, experience horse-riding in flowering valleys, watch football matches and go fishing. And, of course, you will try to compose the music together with our Maestro!

You will visit Centro Europeo di Toscolano which is a real factory of miracles founded by Mogol in 1992 to identify and promote new professionals in the field of pop music. CET is recognized as the Higher Inter-University Centre of Popular music at the national level. Over 2400 students have graduated the School for the last 20 years. Some of them received national awards, won the stage and became the authors of songs performed by Mina, Celentano, Amedeo Mingi, Renato Dzero, Ornella, Vanoni, Nek, Gianni Morandi, Celine Dion. The unique technology of teaching developed by Mogol is genius in its simplicity: they are based on completely natural mechanisms of body, speech, hearing, and mental activity. Constant listening of various pop artists helps students to assimilate the common features of songs of the most famous performers. CET provides classes for the future performers, writers, pop music and film music composers, sound engineers, arrangers. Also, high-profile modern arrangers hold seminars for students. They uncover the secrets of contemporary arrangements techniques. The program includes audio and video materials, the study of technical data, innovative electroacoustic and electronic physics lessons, the use of sophisticated equipment, the analysis of different approaches to recording. There is a Music Portfolio service at school, so any performer, author or composer can communicate with aspiring musicians that have been graded by Mogol and other teachers.

During your stay the teachers will test your voice, hearing, tone, sense of rhythm, musical preferences and tastes, an ability to play musical instruments or inclination for a particular instrument. It will be the first step in your music career, but you can continue studying by attending for the three-stage courses or the refresher courses. And who knows, maybe it will be your first step towards the stage of San Remo.


• Arrival in Rome, meeting with the assistant and departure to Umbria

Stopover in Orta. The city is situated on top of a tuff plateau, Orta is an ex-volcano and it still holds the volcanic shape, that is why the Etruscans occupied this place in antiquity. Due to the porous soil the system of underground tunnels were made under the city. The termae of Orte confirm its volcanic origin, also they are the synonymous with secondary volcanism which is quite wide-spread in Italy.

• Lunch (OPTIONAL)

Orvieto. Ancient city located on a volcano offers breathtaking views and amazing architectural landmarks of different epochs. Orvieto was founded by the Etruscans, captured by Rome Empire, occupied by the Goths, in addition, it was the Popes’ favorite city. Due to its frescoes, mosaics and sculptures the Duomo is considered as an unsurpassed masterpiece of the Italian Gothic. The medieval city walls surround the historic centre with a beautiful cathedral. Under Orvieto there is a town with mysterious dungeons and the gem – the Well of St. Patricia.

• Check-in to the hotel

• Dinner      

• Children – 1st lesson

• Adults (OPTIONAL) — Spa

Visit to Amelia.  One of the most important cities of Umbria, the city of Italian origin surrounded by big walls that hide  a lovely historic center with lots of churches. The special attraction is the theatre of Amelia the XVIII century made of wood with original stage equipment. The theater was the filming location for the adventures of Pinocchio.

• Lunch (OPTIONAL)

Visit to the petrified forest. The unique geological phenomenon — fossil forest, preserved from historical times and turned to stone.

• Dinner

• Lesson of Italian language (OPTIONAL)

• Children – 2nd lesson

• Adults (OPTIONAL) – finger food cooking class

Tour the ancient city of Carsule and to Narnia (5 hours). Narnia is famous for the film The Chronicles of Narnia which has left a deep mark in the world cinematography. Now hundreds of people come here to meet talking lions, see the wardrobes that open doors to parallel worlds and other wonders. Actually there is really much of a fairytale in the city: according to the legend Narnia and Perugia fought against the Griffin which is the symbol of Narnia these days. Moreover, the dungeons of the city make churches, grottoes and the Roman aqueduct look more mysterious.

• Lunch (OPTIONAL)

• Pizza cooking competition with children. Pizza is the most traditional, popular and difficult dish to cook. It is a living picture of Italy: red sauce, white mozzarella and green basil are the colors of the country’s flag. It is not surprising that the Italians like pizza so much; they prefer not to mix it with other dishes. Even the chefs who specialize in pizza have their own name — pizza makers. Today we make pizza in the teams of children competing against their parents.

• Dinner of homemade pizza

• Musical lesson of Italian language, reading and listening songs (OPTIONAL)

• Children – 3rd lesson

• Adults (OPTIONAL) — fishing

Visit to Norcia with degustation. The city lies right at the foot of the National Park Sibillini. It is the “sausage and truffle” capital of Italy, in addition, Norcia is the birthplace of the country’s patron saint St. Benedict. You can taste local delicacies walking through the picturesque streets of the historic center. Also it is possible to visit the Basilica of St. Monk.

• Lunch (OPTIONAL)

• Then we will move to the plateau in the town Castelluccio. Along the way you can admire the unusual attraction of the park which is an Italy map created of shrubs and trees. The best time to visit the park is the period of flowering daffodils, scarlet poppies, yellow dandelions, purple violets, which turn the mountain plateau in a colorful rainbow.

• Free time at the plateau (hang-glider, horse, walking)

• Dinner, check-in

• Italian language lesson, singing Italian hits

• Children – 4th lesson

• Adults (OPTIONAL) – cheese production

Marmore and Terni waterfalls (5 hours). The historic town of Terni is at the heart of the valley of little towns with castles. Terni is well-known for its patron – St. Valentine whose relics are kept in the Basilica that bears his name. Crowds of lovers come in Terni on the city day (February 14). Such a festival began to be celebrated here not so long ago, although the legend of St. Valentine has existed since the Middle ages.

•  Lunch (OPTIONAL)

• But the real miracle of Terni is a Miracle of engineering technology which is represented by the world’s largest artificial cascade with three beautiful terraces. You will admire the waterfall and magnificent views following the special touristic route through natural caves and tunnels. On the way we will see the famous rainbows that made the waterfall famous among travelers of the Antiquity, the Renaissance and Grantura: Pliny, Cicero, Byron, Galileo and others. In the bed of the waterfall there is a lake Piediluco, on a bank of which we will have lunch.

• Return to the hotel

• Football match: children vs adults. Football is a special tradition of the Mogol’s patrimony. Firstly, it is the national sport of Italians; secondly, the poet is a founder of the famous football team of singers which donated all the proceeds on charity.

• Dinner

•  Children – 5 th lesson

•  Adults (OPTIONAL) – horse-riding

•  We will visit Perugia that is a real Italian Oxford, the oldest international University in Europe, alma mater of many artists. Located on a hill and surrounded by medieval walls Perugia is a typical feudal settlement. Time has left us the traces of different eras: the ruins of the Etruscan civilization, the town Hall, the Church of the Templars, the Cathedral where the wedding ring of the virgin Mary is stored.

Assisi is the birthplace of the famous ascetic «Francis of Assisi», St. Francis, poet and patron Saint of Italy. The monasteries of St. Francis and his bride Clarissa have become places of pilgrimage for Christians throughout Europe since the XIII century. Nowadays Assisi is a precious heritage of Christian culture, equal in value to Viflieme and Santiago, the city is protected by UNESCO. We will see the paintings of Cimabue and Giotto in the Basilica of St. Francis, Church of St. Clarissa

• Dinner

• Night of Italian karaoke

Truffle hunting. Truffle season never ends in Italy, because one type of truffle is always replaced by another. We’re going to visit the Marquise of an ancient and noble family, even two Popes originated from this clan. She will meet us in her castle and open the private land, and her court truffles hunter in the company will take us to the forest and we will search for this amazing product. During the hunt he will tell us about truffles and reveal some professional secrets.

Lesson and lunch at the Countess Corsini in the 2 Popes restaurant. Truffle is a real black gold which becomes even more valuable if you know how to use it. The chef of the Marquise’s castle will teach us how to use truffles in cooking pasta, bruschetta and meat. Self-cooked lunch will be solemnly filed into the dining room with a fireplace. At the conclusion of the dinner the Marquise will show us the castle tell the family’s history.

• Children – 6th lesson

• Adults (OPTIONAL) – wine degustation

Gala dinner and final concert: listening songs, duets, choir

DAY 8: On the Way to Rome
• On the way to Rome we will visit Bagnoregio – a real ghost town that has been abandoned for many years. The Bolsena lake is a huge lake of Central Italy where the bread of the Eucharist turned into the bleeding flesh of Christ.


Optional tours — Viterbo & Villas of Lante and Monsters. We will visit the papal palace where «was born the Conclave», the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, we will walk through the city with its contrades including the most famous of them — the quarter of the Pilgrims. The programme will also include the suburbs: the Mannerism Villa of the Lanta family with a multi-level park which was recognized as the best park of Italy in 2008. And finally we will visit the Villa of Monsters which was built for the beloved of the count Orsini. The villa is full of esoteric, alchemical and mythological symbols that are still difficult to interpret.

• Lunch (OPTIONAL)

• Transfer to the airport of Rome

 Included into the price:

  • English-speaking assistance during the whole trip
  • Guides with all the excursions included into the program
  • Bus for the whole group
  • All the excursions described in the program
  • Residence in the hotel
  • Meals as per the program

Not included into the price:

  • Transfers (on the arrival date & the departure day)
  • Visa service (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Lunches (in case not indicated), food & drinks above the menu
  • Additional excursions (indicated as “optional” or **** in the program)
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