Each of us when being a child probably played the detective, policeman or a smart thief, and many of us grew up with that. For those who enjoy these kinds of adventures this tour has been created that will immerse you with an unusual and fascinating atmosphere of travel-adventure. You will try yourself in the role of a detective and look at the world through the eyes of a thief; feel the commissary of police Corrado Cattani, pass through the places of the famous movie «La Piovra” (“The Octopus”), visiting the battlefield with a real weapon in your hands. In addition, our program assumes taking you to the most «disadvantaged» Italian cities like Naples and Palermo in Sicily, where the largest mafia clans of the country appeared from. We are going to meet with the Mafia capitals! It will certainly be a kind of a game, but be careful as it is so easy to resist the temptation of getting too much involved into it!

But at the same time this tour is not only for the strong, but also for stylish men who do appreciate chic: good manners, trendy clothing, expensive cigars, and vintage wines. So during the tour we will have not only “brutal” activities but the etiquette lessons, as well. The sponsor of our tour is Wilson, the company specializing in tailoring individual footwear, a pair of which will be handed over to the star guest of the gala night — to the chief commissary of police, the “Italian James Bond” – Michele Placido.



  • Arrival in Rome, meeting with assistant and transfer to the hotel
  • Check-in in the hotel
  • Welcome cocktail for getting acquainted, and answers for the questions
  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • The Segway tour around the city center for primary orienteering (in the style of light extreme)
  • Dinner and a master class of table etiquette and good manners. Do not forget that 007 is not only a model of strength and professionalism, but also of style and elegance.


  • «Mysteries of Rome» bus tour. The bus will take us to some secret places that are rarely visited by general public or mostly closed to the tourists. In particular, we will visit the Museum of Criminology in Rome’s cell, where he will familiarize with the history of Inquisition and torture, and also with its modern part represented by the section of criminology and fakes.
  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • Lesson of forensics (criminalistics) at the murder scene. Professional criminologists will teach you how to behave in such cases, namely, the interviewing of witnesses, correct manipulation with the dead and more professional aspects.
  • Theme dinner: the topic is… murder. This dinner starts as an ordinary meal, at least up to the moment the murder occurs in the hall… During the dinner you will have to solve the mystery and find out the killer.


  • Visit to Naples (full day trip). Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. First, we look at it from the heights of a sleeping volcano of Vesuvius. We will stop for lunch straight on Vesuvius mount, at an altitude of 1000 metres above the sea level. Then we will take a tour of Naples, the city of contrasts: to see it from the viewing platforms with breathtaking panoramas and its Spanish quarters, where at times the local policemen even do not dare to peep. And, in one of the neighborhoods we will be the guests of a man, whose name was not recommended to say out loud… From this moment the game starts by someone else’s rules, but the main thing is not to worry and not to ask too many questions, and we guarantee you complete safety. Finally, we will return back to Rome via Casal de Principi — a “mafia quarter” located near Naples (now we have this resolution!)
  • Dinner


  • The lesson of high speed race – a sports car! What a movie without a spectacular car chases? We will go to a real race track to train in high-speed driving.
  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • Professionals of the Special Police Department will give you detailed instructions on the use of the monitoring equipment, you will learn everything about trackers and their detection… But listen carefully, as those skills will be useful very soon: next night is going to be unusual – it will be spent in a special van, where you should conduct pursuit and surveillance of a drug dealer. Dinner will not be distracted not even for a minute, only to provoke directly into the van pizza truck, making sure that it’s not their people.


  • Lesson of stunt skills. Extreme sports in complete safety. You will learn the secrets of some tricks that we usually see on the screen, but only from the inside. These secrets will reveal to you by people who are familiar, as they had been the official stunt of many famous movies, including Hollywood, that had been shot in Rome: «Ghost rider», «007 Quantum of Solace,» the serial «Police Department» and others. This team truly works wonders, besides they have been listed in the Guinness book of world records.
  • Lunch at «Gardenia» restaurant with the views of the volcanic lake, close to the castle of the Pope (OPTIONAL).

A real man is tested not only by how he is agile and strong, but according to what he can eat or drink. So hold on, you have a tough culinary challenge in the ancient cellar restaurant, including blind wine tasting.

  • But that’s not all for today! You will also take a little cruise on volcanic lake, with another tasting and a possibility of swimming in the lake. And in the end — the town of Nemi, located at another lake nearby with tasting of salami, cheese, strawberries and liqueurs.


  • Flying on a plane — check out in the neighborhood of Rome. An opportunity to be the pilot of a training airplane or just to see the Earth in the illuminator.
    Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • Visit to the Training Center for police dogs.  These dogs being the professional actors will add nice variety to your vacation. Communication with four-legged police dog, not just as a playmate, but as a serious and responsible friend, defender, specialist. It turns out that we knew so little about the features of police dogs and their upbringing and training methods!
  • Dinner, relax


  • Fight lesson given by special forces: you will be taught how to deal with armed criminals even with your hands “bare”
  • Lunch (OPTIONAL)
  • Relax
  • Nightly romantic thrill ride in the limo with champagne in the evening to Rome. Maximum elegance! (PLease don’t forget your tuxedo, thus you’d look like a real James Bond)
  • Gala Dinner in an elegant Michelin restaurant, in the company of the famous Italian actor — Michele Placido. A raffle with the main prize — a pair of handmade shoes by an exclusive manufacturer Visson (the icon of style and sponsor of this tour). Solemn ceremony with Michele Placido, the James Bond of Italy.


  • Check-our from the hotel OR (optional)
  • Early in the morning you go straight to the airport and (according to the weather conditions) — fly through one of 2 routes with a secret mission:
    In Sicily, the historic home of the mafia.
    Arrival in Palermo or Trapani.
    • At the airport you are received by transport of «Don Corleone» and taken to the mafia’s hometown, in the famous place of Corleone, where did all the main clans and families «Cosa Nostra» come from. Here we will take a walk by the routes of the godfather and visit the “Mafia Museum”. Visit of the international centre of mafia documentation, familiarization with the processes. Interview with the police psychologist about mafia strategy and psychology.
  • Lunch including wine-tasting of local wines
  • 16:00 – visit to Palermo, the capital of Sicily
  • Transfer to the airport and flight back to Rome

OR: Flight to Calabria for participating in “top secret operations” of canine unit in the apprehension of criminals and looking for the weapons and drugs. Transfer to the airport and flight back to Rome. Arrival to the airport of Calabria, site visits, and covert operation. Lunch at local restaurant for policemen. A small sightseeing tour with a lecture on the mafia structures in Italy and their characteristics.

  • Relax in the thermal bathes. Departure to Rome

Participation Conditions:

  • Good sports form/condition of the participants
  • Shoes for sports (or snickers)
  • Elegant suit (or smoking)

Included into the price:

  • Residence in the hotel
  • Meals: half-board (breakfast & dinner)
  • Transfer on the arrival date + during the week
  • Excursions included into the program
  • Master-classes
  • Guide assistance during the whole trip
  • Bus for the whole group

 Not included into the price:

  • Lunches
  • Additional excursions (indicated as “optional” in the above program)
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa service (if required)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transfer to the airport on the last day
  • Additional nights in the hotel
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