What do we exactly organize?!

  • Visa support if you need
  • Air, VIP aisles, private boards
  • Excursion
  • Accompanying
  • Making individual routes and programs
  • Hotels
  • Transport
  • Special needs

Our tourism destinations:

Mice or business tourism

The whole range of services for business tourism: corporates event, any tourism has features, corporate tourism is no exception. Their important part remains the business part, the role is also given to the excursion theme with specific features: large size of companies, general subjects, different ages and languages, necessarily ideas of teambuilding in order to build a team. Plus, of course, the element of the actual event, such as a gala evening.

Wedding events  tourism or romantic tourism

Wedding is not only a long-awaited “yes” and a banquet. This is a visit for at least 3 days, when most of the guests and the newlyweds themselves try to see the country. It’s not just individual excursions, it’s sometimes whole programs, and thought out depending on the time, place, time of year of the interests of guests and even topics. Wedding tourism is not only a separate excursion, but also an opportunity to stay in the country for a wedding trip, it is also a combination of wonderful savings. 

TOURS TOURISM and its many themes:

  • Excursion tourism
  • Eno – gastronomic tourism
  • VIP and luxury(Ferrari, special services)
  • Active (tracking, fishing, yachting, machine and cycling tourism, etc.)
  • Extreme (volcanoes, mountaineering, yachts and rafting, planes and helicopters, underground and underwater, etc.)
  • Training tourism, masterclasses
  • Religious tourism (pilgrimage)
  • Fashion – tourism and shopping
  • Cruises
  • Photo Tourism
  • Cinema Tourism
  • Golf tourism
  • Thermal tourism
  • Creative tourism (artistic, design, acting etc.)
  • Hunting and searching for truffle

Tourism with the stars of “Travel with the Stars”

This is our exclusive tourist project, collaborating with singers, actors, journalists, stylists, football players and representatives of other spheres of culture.

Stars participate in tours according to their interests and opportunities: with singers tourists sing, with actors learn film and theatrical art, with fashion designers create style, with football players play football. It is a unique experience and visit to non-tourist places in Italy, where these stars live.

Surprisingly, after such trips tourists are often so inspired that then dream to order these artists for their holidays or to follow in their footsteps and start learning creativity

As a full-cycle organization company, we can not only design and fill your trip with interesting excursions, but organize your small and large events  abroad, private or business, regular and romantic without having to contact several companies at once. 


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